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"Make selling and buying easy, accessible and reliable" is the mission of ashewa.com.

We enable commodities to freely travel & merchants to freely exchange. Certified Channel Partners share the goal of helping small businesses in selling their goods globally - as well as locally.

Ashewa.com is Changing African Commerce.

80% and above of retailers in sub saharan Africa are unformal, unstructure and uncharacterized. So, ashewa.com provides a solution by connecting manufacturers with buyers directly without the need of middlemen.

Objectives of Job for ALL! Initiatives

Ashewa.com plan to create 3 million job oportunities up to 2030 by its platform.

Impact 12 million peoples locally.

To make ashewa.com accessible marketplace!

To benefit 100,000 sellers within 3 years!

To benefit and empower the youth!

To give 25% commission from each successful sale.

Become an ashewa.com Channel Partner to Help MSMEs to Grow!

Excellent Training

You'll learn about one of Africa's leading B2B2C combined ecommerce platforms, its products, and services from the experts. A number of sales and service training courses are also available to assist you improve your sales and service skills.

Outstanding Earning Potential

When Certified Channel Partners sell an Ashewa.com's membership or a service offering, they are paid a commission. The amount of commissions that a Certified Channel Partner can earn is unlimited. Channel Partners can earn! New signings, renewals, as well as on platform marketing activity - all earn commission!

Marketing Opportunities

Certified Channel Partners will be promoted and recognized by potential clients as an Ashewa.com certified partner. The title and acknowledgment may lead to additional marketing opportunities for Certified Channel Partners.


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Ashewa Sales Super Agent

If you have real sales and marketing experience on ecommerce and digital marketing and desire to be invite sellers to ashewa.com?

Join our job for ALL! initiatives today! and start registering or inviting sellers arround you!


Are you an individual who are looking sales and diatribution (satellite) store representative opportunity to your city? Be an ashewa.com city partner today!

Criteria to Join Us

Have strong 5 sales and internet marketing experienced & dedicated team membe

At least have 5 smartphone/ camera with professionals

Arrange your office based on our branding requirement

Legal documents with director id, passport size image

Dedicated help desk with 2 pc

Secure deposit 1 million ETB.

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